I wanted to share a great story how Pernickety helped me out in a jam yesterday.

I was making headway to a concert and needed to pre purchase closer parking.

I called Pernickety to see if it was doable and like a champ they did!

We got closer parking for a small added fee for her time spent and we rocked the show!

Thanks for helping out - call Pernickety for all your day to day needs!!!

Cathy – Edmonton – Residential Client,

Wow! House looks great, Sarah. It's nice to come home to that.

Brian – Edmonton – Residential Client,

Will definitely use Pernickety's again and recommend them to my friends!

Jason – Edmonton – Residential Client,

100% satisfaction, every time. I can always count on the professionals at Pernickity.

Amie – Edmonton – Residential Client,